Teach you how to book a beautiful journey online, provide favorable suggestions on transportation and accommodation.We have collected the top ten most common Q&A for international travelers to effectively solve most of your doubts.In addition, there is also a light travel plan for international travelers, wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip to Taiwan!


How to book your surgery


Go to the Lipro official website to learn about the treatment and join the official community account of the clinic.


Leave a message about the part you want to consult, and a web helper will help you reserve a suitable time for telephone communication.


The assistant will ask you to provide photos or videos of the consultation area for the physician's evaluation.


During the phone conversation after the doctor's evaluation, you will get a general idea of the situation, including the expectation of the effect, the estimated cost, the number of days of recovery.... etc. The exact condition is subject to on-site evaluation.


Confirmation of on-site consultation and surgery dates


After arriving in Taiwan, you can make an appointment for transportation to and from the clinic. Upon arrival, the doctor will conduct an evaluation and explain the procedure to you in detail. Surgery may be performed on the same day or the next day, and we can also help arrange post-operative accommodations and return visits to the clinic, so it's no problem for you to come to Taiwan alone!




Q1:Can I schedule my surgery directly after the online consultation? Can I have surgery on the same day of the on-site consultation?
A1:After arriving in Taiwan, we will still let the doctor do the actual evaluation in order to better understand your condition and meet your needs. Most customers (patients) will arrange for a doctor to evaluate their condition after arriving in Taiwan on the first day, and then arrange for blood sampling and ultrasound examination; there are different planning arrangements for different parts of the body, and the surgery may be performed on the same day or the next day.



Q2:Can I come to Taiwan by myself? Do I need a friend to take care of me after the surgery?
A2: As mentioned above, basically, you can come to Taiwan by yourself to undergo the surgery, and you can also go shopping and have dinner on the day of the surgery.



Q3:How to know the result after surgery?
A3:You are welcome to browse the case studies of each part of the body on Lipro’s official website for reference; however, according to individual differences, each person’s condition still needs to be assessed to know for sure. During the on-site consultation on the same day, the doctor will let you know clearly what the result will be after the surgery.



Q4:How many parts can be done at one time for liposuction? Can arms and thighs be done together?
A4:Based on safety considerations, each person can only receive a limited concentration of drugs per day, will be arranged according to your height and weight, safety is the first priority of the Lippo team, this part can be communicated through the phone to the application of parts.



Q5: Will there be transportation from the airport to the clinic?
A5: Our clinic is located in a transportation hub and is easily accessible by public transportation. We will provide you with information on how to get from the airport to the clinic. If you need a car, we can arrange it for you, but you will have to pay for it yourself.



Q6:How many days do I need to stay in Taiwan?
A6: It is ideal to arrange at least three days and two nights. On the first day, you will be evaluated on the same day to arrange the necessary examinations, on the second day, you will be operated, and on the third day, you will be able to return to your home country after the evaluation. It is recommended that you leave plenty of time for your flight.



Q7:After returning home, how should I take care of my wound and how long will the recovery period be?
A7: Usually, you can do normal activities on the day of surgery and go to work the next day. In the case of liposuction of the arms, light work and activities are not a problem. Each person’s area and condition is different, so the doctor’s judgment and discussion will be based on the consultation.


Lipro's Gourmet Map



Before the trip, no matter whether you make an appointment for Lipro on the day or not, it is recommended to take photos as a souvenir and take a look at the building where Lipro is located. It is the earliest surgical clinic building in Taipei!After the epidemic is lifted, if you have the opportunity to come to Taipei, how can you say you have been to Taipei if you don’t come to Yongkang Street ! It is recommended that you take a walk, eat, eat and relax your mind~





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